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WW Worldwide Hospitality, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Wolf Wagschal, a prominent figure in the gastronomy world with over three decades of experience across North America and Europe, is a leading F&B advisory agency headquartered in Zurich. Specializing in innovative management solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the hospitality sector.

With over 30 years of experience, WWWH excel in innovative management solutions for the hospitality sector. From launching 5-star hotels to managing bustling nightclubs.

Dr. Wolf Wagschal

A Swiss Canadian, has been involved in gastronomy for some 30 years working in both North America and Europe. Starting as a chef, waiter, barman working himself up to the position of Managing Director of a very large gastro operation. Wolf specializes in re-launching concepts which he managed to demonstrate within the past 15 years. He has successfully lead over 35 different restaurants starting at the young age of 19 when he acquired his first management position.

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Worldwide Hospitality Management

In cooperation with internationally acclaimed thinkers, architects and decorators we create and implement ground-breaking hospitality concepts.

Our experience working with state of the art risk management models helps our clients throroughly assess the risks (and opportunities) involved in launching, re-positioning or diversification.

We develop and assist in the implementation of custom-made business-plans as well as marketing- and sales-strategies to improve both your guest frequences and guest structure

With our many years of expertise, we support you in optimising your business planning and actively help you to achieve your defined corporate goals.

Our competency in project management allows us to take the leading part in complex projects (involving different interest groups, officials / authorities, subcontractors, etc.) efficiently and effectively. From the first concept draft to the grand (re-)opening.
Our year-long contacts with important international suppliers and vendors in the hospitality sector allow us to help our clients buy from the best – at the best price.
In cooperation with internationally acclaimed partners in branding and communication, we optimize your brand appearance and acquisition activities. Our broad, international network of opinion leaders on all levels of society creates a buzz and sustains on-going publicity for our clients.

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